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Take a real careof your customer

For your sales and marketing department, Go Contact is your innovative high-tech contact center solution for managing various remote-marketing and pre-sales services. Its ease of use, fast handling, stability and the wide range of features will grow your business goals.

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A wide range of features contact center solution
that manages various customers interactions

Are you sure that your customers are really satisfied?

A satisfied customer is worth two… even more !! Customer feedback is your real quality barometer. For that, Go Contact allows you to launch your own quality control surveys.

Several channels on a SINGLE view

In the digital era, multichannel is no longer a choice but a necessity, Go contact o ers you the privilege of interacting with your customers according to their preferred channel.

You will have a superb "real time" view

At any moment you can supervise your team in full production. moreover, you can coach them through discreet listening, whispering or even intercepting the call to close a sale.

Go contact integrated into your own software

Go contact can be part of your business process by simply integrating it into your already existing software solutions thanks to the APIs and Webservices offered to you.

Customer Relation in the digital era

The contact center you always dreamed of is finally in your hands, no more interactions will escape from you!

Boost your sales and improve your team performance

Creating leads, making appointments or remote sales: everything becomes simple and easy to set up, all you have to do is to get started as soon as possible !!

Inbox user interface

More features to make full sales

A better way to send money.

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